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Buying NFL Tickets – A Few Useful Tips

Jerome Webb/ July 7, 2018/ Online Entertainment

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the U.S. Therefore; it is no wonder that NFL tickets can cost much more than tickets for some other sports events. However, it is now possible to get cheap nfl tickets available online. If you want to attend a game which sees two very popular NFL teams going against each other, you can easily blow a hole in your wallet. But, to help you avoid that, we have prepared a few tips on buying NFL tickets, which will allow you to enjoy a game without thinking about the money you have spent.

How to buy NFL tickets

Only legitimate sources

For starters, you will want to avoid being a victim of some ticket scam. For that matter, you should purchase your tickets only from legitimate sources. You will know these sources, as they will also give guarantees along with the tickets themselves. That way, even if your ticket doesn’t work, which is highly unlikely, you will be properly compensated.


Patience is key

In general, it is better to be patient and wait until the last minutes before the game to buy the tickets. However, keep in mind not to wait for too long, as the game might even start before you make a purchase. In that case, you will most likely pay more. Given that NFL tickets are items with a firm expiration date, their prices tend to drop as the sellers do their best to offload them. Therefore, don’t rush, be patient, and make sure to buy the game tickets right before the game starts.

Check the teams

If you only want to see the local team play, you should pay close attention to their schedule, given how the prices can vary widely, depending on the opposing team. Successful teams, such as the Patriots or Seahawks, and teams that are popular on the national level, such as Steelers or Cowboys, usually drive up the ticket prices more than the less popular or currently struggling teams. With this in mind, make sure the opponent is not a top tier team, or a very popular one if you want to save your money.

Check your seating

In this case, you should use one of many available mobile apps to view seats. With them, you will not have to guess what your field of view will be from your seat. Instead, you will get an actual image of your seat view, and be in a position to compare various sections, to find the best possible angle.


Compare the values, not the prices

If you are on a tight budget, then finding dirt cheap NFL tickets, which will just get you through the door, will most likely be your only option. However, if you can afford to spend a few dollars more, you should try to find the best value. You could probably find tickets that are $10 more expensive, but 30 rows closer to the playing field.

Furthermore, you could add $10 more and find a seat along the sideline, close to the midfield. Therefore, don’t pay attention strictly to the ticket prices. Instead, try to focus on their value and what you get from them. If it is a sideline seat, don’t hesitate to pay a few bucks more. Otherwise, you just might regret your decision.…